Agfamatic 100
Agfamatic 100, the starting point

I got my first camera when I was quite young, I’m not sure but I guess that I must have been around twelve. I was given an Agfamatic 100 , at least that is what I remember. Anyway, that was the starting point for me and my photography. From that point I have taken a lot of photos , there was even a period when I only shot black and white and developed the film and images myself in the basement at home. Later on I got myself a Canon 450D which made everything much easier 😊, right now I use a Canon 80D and I love it.

Not sure if I can categorize my photos but Ì like nature, shapes and macro. A good friend of mine, Magnus, has recently introduced me to astro photo and that was really fun.

I guess that I will continue to experient and just truing having fun. I you want to evolve as a photographer I can recommend doing a project. I have done two “one photo per day” projects, each lasted 365 days (EPD, EPD2017) and that gave me a lot of insights into how to think and take photos.

Portrait, Jörgen Bertholdsson